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Clea is not only a real pleasure to work with - always helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble, even if it seems impossible at the time - she’s a fantastic writer too. She’s written many articles for our magazine and every single one has been engaging, insightful, thoroughly researched and truly thought provoking. Clea doesn’t shy away from difficult tasks and will find a creative solution to any problem. Her enthusiasm is captivating and her upbeat and determined attitude can’t help but infiltrate everyone around her - even if the task is challenging she’ll make sure it’s still enjoyable and that the best results are achieved in the end. She’s my favourite person to work with.

Sally Fitzgerald, Editor, Anthem Publishing

You've been awesome and I think I speak for many members of the Veganuary group when I say this: your example has helped make me a better vegan. In outlook and how to communicate with others. How to adopt a friendly and open approach and how to best get the message across without sounding preachy, without sounding aggressive and without falling into the stereotypical vegan. You've done so much amazing stuff with Veganuary and the vegan movement.

Mark Saunders, Veganuary Facebook Admin 

I know Clea Grady through her amazing work at Veganuary. Clea was also responsible for the Veganuary Facebook page, which was one of the most supportive online communities I've seen. She oversaw it with a light touch yet made sure it was always a welcome place for newbies and more experienced vegans. It was a forum for everything, ranging from how to deal with colleagues or family who didn't understand the vegan diet to where to buy the best vegan cheese! All queries and contributions were handled deftly and kindly. She's a real mover and shaker on the vegan scene but clearly, has a whole range of skills and I look forward to hearing about her new venture(s).

Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Manager, Viva! 

You have been an inspiration to me, your energy and enthusiasm seeming to know no bounds.

Dawn Gibson

Thank you so much to Clea from Chips and Grady for a fantastic afternoon of really helpful information and enlightenment of all things social media. I feel truly inspired and hopefully my followers will be seeing more of me. I would definitely recommend Clea, not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced she just seemed to know exactly what I needed. It was a pleasure meeting her.

Lucille, Nutri Clinic York

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